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Online Marriage All You Need To Know About Online Marriage and Online Nikah, Without The Bride Or Groom's Presence

Online Marriage/Online Nikah: 20 Minutes For Online Marriage

Online Marriage/Online Nikah is Legal in Pakistan

Online Marriage/Online Nikah-20 Minutes Required for Online Marriage: Online marriage/online Nikah ceremony requires only 20 minutes for online marriage/online Nikah. Since online marriage and Nikah are legal and recognized in Pakistan, people living abroad can conduct online marriage without traveling to the country.

Nikah is a term that refers to the practice of marrying someone through virtual means, such as video calls, online chat, or social media. In Pakistan, online marriage is legally recognized, if it is conducted through Vakeel/attorney/proxy and so it is not difficult to register an online marriage with the government and obtain a Nikah nama and the NADRA marriage registration certificate, through attorney.


online marriage

Revolution Concept of Online Marriage or Online Nikah

Embrace the revolutionary concept of online marriage, a transformative way to unite souls across digital realms. With online marriage, the entire journey unfolds effortlessly online, from the vows exchanged in a virtual ceremony to the issuance of a marriage certificate. Online marriages have surged in popularity, particularly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on public gatherings. It’s a pathway that allows couples to celebrate their love and commitment while adhering to safety measures.

Online marriage platforms offer a seamless experience, allowing couples to pledge their eternal devotion and secure a legal marriage certificate from the comfort of their homes. However, as with any innovation, questions arise about the legal standing of online marriages. The recognition of online marriages varies according to jurisdiction, underscoring the importance of adhering to legal prerequisites. Navigate the journey of online marriage with awareness, ensuring the legality and authenticity of your bond within the legal parameters of your region.

Online Marriage

Online Nikah/Online Marriage Service With or Without Documentation (Nikah-e-Urfi) is Very Common in Arab, Pakistani and European Countries.

Embracing the contemporary wave of love, Online Nikah/Online Marriage Service has become a prevailing trend in Arab, Pakistani, and European countries. This transformative practice is gaining immense popularity in today’s world.

Couples are opting for the convenience and efficiency of Online Nikah/Online Marriage, with the option of documentation or the simpler Nikah-e-Urfi. Join the ranks of those who have embraced this modern approach, uniting their hearts online in a union that transcends borders. Your love story deserves the empowerment that Online Nikah/Online Marriage brings, forging a connection that’s not just virtual but eternally significant.

How To Conduct Online Marriage/Online Nikah In Pakistan?

Pakistan is a country of traditional values and culture. In this country, the people are still following their old ways and practicing those traditions in their everyday lives. So marriage is no exception to it. You will find many people getting married in the traditional way for the Nikah ceremony. However, there are some other ways to do online marriage in Pakistan which are also available here which are getting popularity, day by day, as compared to the traditional way of doing Nikah.

Which Documents Are Required For an Online Nikah/Marriage?

Muslim couples can now get married without the hassle or expense of traveling to another country. All they need is a computer or a mobile phone with an internet connection. Online marriage, or Nikah, is a perfectly legal way for Muslims to get married, as long as all the necessary requirements are met.

What are the document requirements for an online Nikah/marriage? The couple will need to provide proof of identity, age, nationality, address, and proof of marital status. They will also need to provide two witnesses who can attest to their identity and relationship. We can also arrange witnesses on request of our clients. 

Getting Married Through an Online Nikah

Gone are the days when couples had to be present physically for their marriage ceremonies. Now, with technology advancing rapidly and platforms such as Zoom and Skype, couples can get married through an online Nikah without having to attend in person. In this article, we’ll dive into all the details you need to know about getting married online!

Online Marriage/Nikah is a Legal Islamic Marriage That Can Be conducted Without the Need For Both Spouses to be Present in the Same Place

Online marriage is a legal Islamic marriage that can be conducted without the need for both spouses to be present in the same place. The couple can either be in different countries or different places within the same country. As long as they have an internet connection, they can conduct their Nikah ceremony online.

Wali of the Bride Should or Should Not To be Present?

There are two very important things that need to be taken care of before an online Nikah can take place. Firstly, (if it is not a court marriage) the bride must have a wali, or guardian, present during the ceremony. The wali acts as a witness and gives permission for Nikah and blessing to the union. Secondly, a mahr, or dowry, must be agreed upon before the Nikah can take place. This is typically done by the couple’s families beforehand. However, presence or approval of Wali is not necessary according to the majority sect, Fiqah-e-Hanafi (Ahle-Sunnat) in Pakistan.

Procedure of Online Nikah/Online Marriage

Once these two things have been taken care of, the actual Nikah ceremony can then be conducted online via Skype or another video chat service. The Nikah Khawan/Imam presiding over the ceremony will firstly ask for both partners’ consent to enter into marriage. He will then conduct ijab-o-qabool (offer and acceptance) and then recite the Khuta-e-Nikah and Dua (prayers). After the dua he will declare them husband and wife and congratulate the bride and groom for their union. And that’s it! The couple is now married!

How to Perform an Online Marriage/Online Nikah?

Nikah is a Muslim marriage ceremony. It can be performed in person or online, as long as both parties consent to the union. If you’re interested in getting married but can’t make it to a traditional ceremony, don’t worry – an online nikah can be just as traditional Islamic Nikah and legally binding. Here’s everything you need to know about how to perform an online nikah.

When performing an online nikah, there are a few key things that you’ll need:

– A Nikah Nama, or marriage contract. This document outlines the terms of the marriage and should be signed by both parties.

– Two Muslim and sane witnesses, who are over the age of 18 and willing to sign the Nikah Nama.

– A mahr (mehar) or dowry. This is optional, but if you choose to include one it should be paid by the groom to the bride’s parents before the nikah is performed or it can be deferred till demanded by the bride.

Once you have all of these components, you’re ready to begin the ceremony! In first step the Nikah Khawan/Imam will ask the consent of both the parties three times, after both the parties have said “Qabool Hai” (I do or I accept), he will recite Khutba-e-Nikah. After Khutba, he will pray for safety, security and long life of the couple and declare them husband and wife and ask them to sign the Nikah Nama in front of the witnesses. And that’s it – you’re officially married!

Experience the Future of Love: Advantages of Online Marriage/Online Nikah

Muslim couples who are unable to meet in person due to distance or other reasons may opt for an online nikah. This is a type of marriage where the couple does not physically meet, but instead communicates via video call or some other means. 


Convenience at Your Fingertips: Online marriages grant you the power to say “I do” without leaving your home: no more scheduling conflicts or travel hassles.

Unite Across Distances: Geographical barriers dissolve as you bridge gaps through screens, bringing together miles-apart hearts.

Time-Efficient Rituals: Save time and effort as online ceremonies streamline the marriage process, allowing you to cherish your special moments sooner.

COVID-Safe Celebrations: Amidst challenges like the pandemic, online marriages offer a safe avenue to celebrate love while prioritizing health.

Personalized Ceremonies: Customize your online marriage, infusing it with your unique style and preferences for an unforgettable experience.

Minimize Costs: Online marriages often entail fewer expenses, making it an economical choice while maintaining the sanctity of your commitment.

Global Reach, Local Compliance: Despite global connections, online Nikah/online marriages respect local legal norms, ensuring the legitimacy of your union.

Flexibility in Timing: Online marriages/online Nikah adapt to your schedule, allowing you to choose a time that resonates with your love story.

Witness Your Love Journey: Invite loved ones worldwide to witness your vows, creating a global audience for your special moment.

Eco-Friendly Union: Embrace sustainability by reducing your carbon footprint through virtual ceremonies, fostering a greener world for future generations.

Modern Tradition: Blend tradition with technology, creating a marriage that symbolizes your commitment to each other and the ever-evolving world.

Preserve Memories Digitally: Capture your online marriage/online Nikah through digital keepsakes, ensuring your cherished memories remain accessible for years.

Legitimate and Valid: Online marriages/Nikah online adhere to legal standards, assuring you of a legally recognized and valid union.

Lasting Connection: The digital nature of online marriages cements a unique bond, an emblem of the modern love story that’s eternally relevant.

Breaking Cultural Boundaries: Online marriages/online Nikah transcend cultural differences, celebrating the universality of love that unites hearts, regardless of origin.

Elevate your love story through the myriad advantages of online marriage. As you embark on this transformative journey, you embrace convenience and pave the way for a love that defies physical boundaries and time itself.

Marriage is a Legally Binding Contract

In Pakistan, marriage is more than just a union; it’s a formal commitment acknowledged by law. Registering your marriage with the government is crucial for it to gain legal recognition. Unregistered marriages lack legal validity and might not hold up in legal matters.

Are you planning to tie the knot in Pakistan? Reach out to us, and our skilled lawyer will be your guiding light throughout the journey, including the process of online marriage registration. This step ensures not only the validation of your union but also offers you a shield of legal protection under the umbrella of the law. Your love story deserves to be backed by the strength of legality.

Online Marriage

Online Marriage, or Online Nikah, is Becoming Increasingly Popular For Couples Who Want to Get Married Quickly

When it comes to marriage, more and more couples are choosing to tie the knot without the hassle of a large wedding. Online marriage, or online Nikah, is becoming increasingly popular for couples who want to get married quickly and without all the fuss. But what exactly is online marriage?

Popularity of Online Nikah/Online Marriage in the World 

While online marriage/online Nikah may not be for everyone, it is becoming increasingly popular in Pakistan, India, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Indonesia, Malaysia, Egypt, Morocco, USA, UK, France, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Australia, New Zealand and in several other countries.

Considering an Online Nikah?

There are a few things to keep in mind if you’re considering an online nikah. First, it’s important to make sure that both the bride and groom are of legal age and consent to the marriage. Second, you’ll need to find a reputable law firm who is willing to perform the ceremony. And third, you’ll need to be sure that both sides understand the terms of the contract and are comfortable with them.

If you’re interested in an online nikah, then please get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help you arrange everything.


Online Marriage is The Best Option For Pakistanis, Living Abroad

There are many couples who are unable to physically be present for their own wedding ceremony due to logistical reasons. For these people who are living abroad, online Nikah/online marriage may be the best option. While not everyone is comfortable with the idea of getting married without the traditional fanfare, there are a number of benefits to online marriage. 

For Online Marriage, You Require to Choose a Reputable Law Company Like Ours!

If you’re considering an online marriage/online Nikah, be sure to do your research and choose a reputable law company like ours, to officiate your ceremony. With a little planning, you can still have a beautiful and memorable wedding day – even if you’re not physically in the same room as your spouse!

Online Marriage/Online Nikah is Legal in Pakistan

Online marriage is legal in Pakistan. In the Muslim world, marriage is usually called “Zawaj” “Shadi” and Nikah is the religios ritual which is the integral part of a marriage ceremoney.

Online Marriage/Online Nikah is a New Way of Getting Married

Online Nikah is a new way of getting married, and it’s totally legit. It’s a way of getting married without needing to go to court. You can do it online or from home, or even from your phone if you have one with internet access!

To be honest, this is the easiest way of getting married in Pakistan because there are no courts involved at all. All you need is an adult spouse with valid ID card who want to get married. If they both agree on their own will then they can get  performed their nikah (wedding) through our Nikah Khawan, witnesses of marriage and one or two attorneys.

Offering Online Marriage/Nikah Services in Karachi, Pakistan

We take immense pride in extending our Online Marriage/Nikah services, serving couples in Karachi, Pakistan, and facilitating online ceremonies for those seeking unions originating from Karachi across diverse locations.

Online Marriage/Nikah Services in Karachi:

Specializing in providing comprehensive Online Marriage/Nikah services within Karachi, ensuring a legally recognized and culturally authentic matrimonial experience.

Remote Online Marriage/Nikah Services from Karachi:

Beyond Karachi’s confines, our services reach globally, enabling remote Online Marriage/Nikah ceremonies initiated from Karachi. Couples can engage in the marriage process regardless of their geographical location.

Karachi Office Locations:

Contact No: 0333-1127835


Contact No: 0333-1127835

Service Accessibility:

With two convenient office locations in Karachi—Gulistane Johar Muneer Mobile Mall and Al Ayesha Chambers near the Passport Office Saddar—we ensure accessibility and convenience for our clients seeking Online Marriage/Nikah services.

Our Online Marriage/Nikah Services in Karachi, Pakistan: Client-Centric Approach

Our client-centric approach guarantees personalized and culturally appropriate Online Marriage/Nikah ceremonies. We prioritize the legal compliance and authenticity of the marriage process.

Our Online Marriage/Nikah Services From Karachi, Pakistan:

Whether within Karachi or remotely initiated from Karachi, our Online Marriage/Nikah services cater to diverse needs. With our two strategically situated offices, we aim to offer accessibility and expert assistance for couples seeking a legally recognized and culturally resonant union.

Seamlessly Conducting Online Nikah Ceremonies: Nikah Khuwan/Qazi Services

We specialize in offering Nikah Khuwan/Qazi services facilitating online Nikah ceremonies within Pakistan and globally. Our aim is to provide couples with a smooth and legally recognized union, irrespective of geographical boundaries.

Online Nikah Khuwan/Qazi Expertise in Pakistan and Abroad

Our team comprises experienced and certified Nikah Khuwans/Qazis, well-versed in the Islamic marriage rites and legalities. They ensure the solemnization of Nikah ceremonies, adhering to religious and legal norms.

Nikah Khuwan/Qazi: Online Nikah Services

Within Pakistan:

For couples within Pakistan, our Nikah Khuwans/Qazis conduct online Nikah ceremonies, following all legal procedures and ensuring the validity and legality of the marriage.

Outside Pakistan:

Couples residing outside Pakistan can also benefit from our services. Our Nikah Khuwans/Qazis officiate online Nikahs, overseeing the process in compliance with Pakistani laws and facilitating a legally recognized union.

Legal Compliance and Recognition:

We ensure strict adherence to legal protocols, guaranteeing that every online Nikah ceremony we conduct is in accordance with the laws of Pakistan. Our services ensure the validity and recognition of the marriage within the country and internationally.

Simplified Process:

Our streamlined approach makes the online Nikah process hassle-free. Couples can rely on our expertise and guidance, ensuring a smooth and culturally appropriate ceremony, even from a distance.

Worldwide Nikah Khuwan/Qazi Services/Assistance

Whether within Pakistan or abroad, our Nikah Khuwan/Qazi services extend to facilitate the solemnization of online Nikah ceremonies with the services of issuing NikahNama.  We prioritize legal compliance, cultural authenticity, and a seamless experience, ensuring couples can unite in marriage regardless of their location.

Online Court Marriage Has Also a Very Simple Process

If you are interested in getting married, but your parents or your spouse’s parents don’t agree, online court marriage is the perfect choice for you. It’s simple, convenient and cheap—and it’s 100% legal!

Online Court Marriages are usually conducted everyday ay our law offices in Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Lahore. You can contact us in any city, where our offices are situated, or you can call us or send us a WhatsApp voice note.

Simplifying Court Marriage Services Across Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad/Rawalpindi, Pakistan

At our agency, we specialize in facilitating court marriage services across the major cities of Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi in Pakistan. Our aim is to streamline the legal union process, offering a hassle-free experience for couples seeking court marriages.

Expertise in Court Marriages:

With years of experience and expertise in handling court marriages, our dedicated team ensures meticulous attention to detail throughout the entire process. We are well-versed in the legal requirements and procedures essential for a valid court marriage

Service Coverage:

Karachi Court Marriage Services:

Our services extend to Karachi, catering to couples seeking court marriages in this vibrant city. We provide comprehensive guidance and assistance to ensure a smooth and legally recognized marriage process.

Lahore Court Marriage Services:

For couples in Lahore, our agency offers tailored court marriage services, addressing the specific needs and requirements of individuals seeking to formalize their union in the city of Gardens.

Nikah Nama and the Marriage Registration Certificate (MRC)

After completing the process of marriage, all you need to do is wait for your Nikah Nama, which we will handover you after the marriage registration. If you are living abroad, you will also require a Marriage Registration Certificate, which is issued by the Union Council as proof of your marriage. You would have to bear a little extra charges for this document.

While this form of marriage allows couples to get married quickly, it is important to keep in mind that there are certain rules and regulations that need to be followed for an online Nikah ceremony so as ensure that all legal requirements are met. In addition, an online Marriage contract must be signed by both parties in person or through a registered attorney, for the marriage to be considered official.

Our Expert Advice For Online Marriage/Nikah

Online marriage/online Nikah is a practical and easy way to arrange a simple Nikah ceremony without requiring the bride or groom’s physical presence. 

Our law firm provides legal help for arranging Nikah, witnesses of Nikah, registering Nikah Nama and assist getting marriage certificate in Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Hyderabad, and Lahore (according to a place where the spouse normally live). Please feel free to call us for any other information.

Online Marriage

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Why Online Marriage

Online Marriage - A New Way To Get Married Within Minutes!

Unlock the future of unions with Online Marriage, a revolutionary approach to tying the knot. Experience the magic of saying “I do” within minutes through Online Marriage, a modern and efficient way to solemnize your love. Choose Online Marriage/Online Nikah for a swift, hassle-free, and memorable journey to marital bliss.

The legality of Online Marriage/Online Nikah

The Pakistani Nikah Nama form is an important official document for marriage. Just like other agreements that can be prepared with the help of a Vakeel/attorney, marriages, which are like legal contracts, can also be managed and signed by an attorney/vakeel. This means that online marriages or online Nikah, are completely legal in Pakistan. It’s a modern and valid way to solemnize your love.

What is the Meaning of Nikah?

Nikah is an Arabic word, which means marriage. It is also an Islamic term and refers to the marriage of a man and a woman. The reason for this is that nikah is entered into through a contract, with both sides agreeing to certain conditions before entering into the marriage union.

Why Require a “Nikah Nama”?

The Nikah Nama is a document that is prepared by a Nikah Khawan/Imam and it has details of the marriage. This document is signed by both the parties or their attorneys/Vakeels, as well as two witnesses. It serves as proof of marriage which can be used for legal purposes. Actually, a Nikah Nama is a legal marriage contract which is used to record identities of the parties and all terms and conditions, agreed upon mutually with free consent of the both parties to the contract.

What are the Meanings of Nikah and Wali?

Nikah means ‘to tie’ or ‘to join something together’; nikah also means a verbal contract between two people to get married. A nikah nama is a written document prepared by an Islamic scholar who performs such marriages in order to record all information pertaining to such unions (e.g., names of bride and groom, witnesses etc). A wali is someone who is the guardian of the female and can acts as vakeel or witness for the bride during their marriage ceremony. 

Love Goes Digital: Exploring the World of Online Marriage

Embark on a journey where love meets technology through Online Nikah/Online Marriage. Discover the realm of online marriage, where heartfelt vows are exchanged digitally. Experience the convenience, authenticity, and joy of online marriage, uniting hearts across screens. Your love story, digitally sealed with online marriage/online Nikah.

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