Online Marriage

Online Marriage: The Growing Trend of Online Marriages in Pakistan

The Trend of Online Marriages is Growing in Pakistan and Worldwide

Online marriages are on the rise in Pakistan for a number of reasons, including lack of money and western influences. In today’s world, online marriages have become increasingly popular in recent years, and the COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated their growth. Online marriages allow couples to get married without physically being present in the same location, and the entire process can be conducted online. While online marriages offer convenience and practicality, they also raise concerns about their legality and validity.

Online Marriage - The Process

The process of conducting an online marriage varies depending on the platform or service provider used. Some online marriage platforms provide a complete end-to-end service, including the marriage ceremony and the issuance of a marriage certificate, while others simply facilitate the marriage ceremony and require couples to obtain their own marriage certificate.

The Pros of Online Marriages

One of the biggest advantages of online marriages is convenience. Online marriages allow couples to get married without having to physically travel to a specific location, which can be especially beneficial for couples who live in different parts of the world or who have busy schedules.

Online marriages can also be cost-effective. Traditional weddings can be expensive, and couples may have to pay for travel, accommodation, and other related expenses. Online marriages eliminate many of these costs, which can be a significant advantage for couples on a budget.

The Cons of Online Marriages

One of the biggest disadvantages of online marriages is the lack of legal recognition in some jurisdictions. Online marriages may not be recognized by the law in some countries or states, which can create legal complications and issues if the couple needs to obtain a marriage certificate for legal or personal purposes.

Another disadvantage of online marriages is the lack of physical presence. Some couples may feel that an online marriage lacks the emotional and social impact of a traditional wedding ceremony, which can be an important aspect of the wedding experience for many people.

There is no Need to Wait for Traditional Weddings

Many people do not wait until their expensive traditional weddings to get married. Getting married at a young age makes the youth unwilling to wait for their wedding ceremony. Taking control of their own lives and making their own decisions is important to them. 

Because of its social consequences, court marriage is still seen as a last resort even if it is an option.Many people prefer to make their own marriage decisions rather than go through the trouble and expense of marrying someone from another background, religion, caste, or ethnicity merely because others disagree with their choice. The trick to courtship is to ask someone out without getting rejected outright! The saying is easier than the doing!

Online Marriages are Cost Effective

It is not uncommon for traditional weddings in Pakistan to cost a lot of money. It is possible to spend up to Rs one million or two on a simple wedding, while it can be closer to Rs 10 million on a grand wedding. Saving thousands of rupees is possible with court marriages instead of traditional marriages.

Online Marriage

Social Anxiety Is Eliminated by Online Marriage

It is believed that fear is a contributing factor to the growing number of court marriages in Pakistan. 

After dating for a long time, people may feel that their families or communities will judge them or even consider them “loose” in morals. People are therefore afraid of their families and friends, as well as the consequences of their actions on society.</p>

There is no Uniformity for Online Marriages in Pakistan

Pakistan lacks a uniform marriage law, so there are many forms of marriages such as online marriage. There are laws and regulations governing each type of marriage. When you marry under one form and then move on to another, or vice versa, then it becomes very hard to understand your rights as a spouse or partner. 

Online Marriage in Pakistan

Individuals Make their Own Online Marriage or Court Marriage Decisions

In many places, arranging an online  marriage is no longer the norm. The majority of young people today prefer to make their own marriage decisions and choose their partners. Ther are several Nikah Services in Karachi and Islamabad. In recent years, the number of courtships and weddings has increased significantly. If you look at the statistics, you will see that. 


Who would make an ideal marriage partner for them or what kind of person would be good for them in terms of marriage partners?

There is a greater level of independence among people today than there was in the past. As educated and aware citizens, they also don’t want other people to decide what is a good or bad marriage partner for them or what kind of person would make an ideal partner.

Increasingly, court marriages are becoming more popular because they give couples who genuinely love one another a chance to marry without interference from parents or family members. Couples can choose the location and theme of their wedding ceremony, as well as enjoy all the special traditions associated with this milestone event, such as exchanging vows, while still maintaining complete control over the ceremony.

Online Marriage: Western Culture Influences Pakistan's Marriage Trends

There are many reasons behind the growing trend of court marriages in Pakistan. The main reason is that people want to make their own decisions about marriage instead of following traditional practices. Most couples meet through family or friends and go on dates before deciding whether or not to get married. When couples were teenagers, it wasn’t uncommon for them to date for ten years or more before getting engaged, which can lead to an engagement lasting several years.


In addition, many people dislike waiting for weddings and spending a lot of money on them, which accounts for the rise in court marriages. The parents or elders of two families are also commonly involved in arranging marriages between them (especially in rural areas) consulting either person involved. Court Marriage/Online Marriages allow people who don’t want this kind of arranged marriage but also don’t have enough money saved up yet—or anyone else who may feel uncomfortable with such arrangements—the opportunity to get married without having any input from anyone else except themselves.

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